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Voices Online Edition
Vol. XVIII: No. 2 - Pentecost 2003

Table of Contents

2... Letters to the Editor -- Agnus Dei Prayer Card -- Monastery of Saint Jude -- Spreading the Word -- Whose Voice? Which Faith? -- Ethics Students Use Bioethics Watch Column -- Saint Maria Goretti -- Lent-Easter Voices -- Joanna Bogle on EWTN -- Why Do We Need a "simplified" Catechism? -- True Art Truly Evangelizes -- V-Monologues Update -- Passover Seder -- Happy to Find WFF

5... Inside Voices -- Editorial -- by Helen Hull Hitchcock

9... Voices Young Writers Award - Seat of Wisdom, Help of Students --
"Saint Albert the Great ... undeniably ... owes both his sanctity and his scholarly greatness to the gracious assistance of Mary, Seat of Wisdom, true help of students." -- by Allannah Karas

41... Bioethics Watch ­ Are Pro-Life Healthcare Providers Becoming an Endangered Species? -- "Slowly but surely, more and more pro-life doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are getting the message that they and their views are unwelcome in today's health care system." -- by Nancy Valko, RN

43... Other Voices ­ News Review of Recent Events -- President Bush: Building a Free Iraq -- Canadian Doctor Ordered to Pay Damages for "Wrongful Birth" -- Baseball Greats Support Pro-Life Cause -- Former NOW President to Head YWCA -- Actress Leaves "vulgar" Awards Ceremony -- Cardinal "deeply troubled" by Senator's Opposition to Partial-Birth Abortion Ban -- Daughters of Mary Gives Girls Active Role in Service to Parish and Spiritual Life -- Support Pro-Life Nurses -- Pro-Life Library Needs Volunteers

47... Donors and Memorials

48... Affirmation for Catholic Women

6... In Memoriam: Anne Stewart Connell -- Anne Connell's abiding love of her Catholic faith and her devotion to her family were an example and an inspiration to all who knew her and worked with her.

7... "Living Flames of an Infinite and Eternal Love" ­ Message for 40th World Day of Prayer for Vocations - Pope John Paul II

12... Source, Center and Summit - The Eucharist and Discernment of the Priestly Vocation -- "As a seminarian for over four years now, I have come to see the magnitude of the interrelationship between the Eucharist and discernment of the priesthood..." -- by Andrew V. Liaugminas

16... A Reflection on Contemplative Life: The Call Within -- "For spiritually minded people, religion is as simple as life itself, life lived in its fullness because of leaning toward the 'other', toward fulfillment, completion, God." -- by Sister Joseph Andrew Bogdanowicz, OP

18...Novena to Saint Thérèse of Lisieux

19... The Poor Clares Colettine: An Explanation -- "The Poor Clare life may be nearly as severe and difficult for the girl's family.... Her family is usually in a reactive position, having to live the loss of regular contact that is the consequence of her decision." -- by Burman Skrable

23... Faith, Fashion, and the Vocation of the Laity in a Secular, Postmodern World -- "Since the days of Jesus, Christians have recognized the struggle between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Mammon." -- by Elizabeth Fox-Genovese

28... Know What You Are Doing -- "Who was this Melchizedek guy, and why did he matter?" -- by Sheila Gribben Liaugminas

32... Novena for Priests

33... A Last Vocation - to Grow Old Gracefully -- "It's curious, as we grow older, how easy it is to lose our sense of direction, a sense of vocation, a sense of God's calling us to important things still to be done." -- by Rita Joseph

37... Edith Stein and the Contemplative Vocation -- "Sister Teresa Benedicta of the Cross revealed her personal conviction, born of experience, that the contemplative life is rooted in and continues the mystery of Christ's atoning sacrifice, an absolutely loving surrender for the sake of the world." -- by Sister Joan Gormley

46... The Ministerial Priesthood Icon -- by Monsignor Anthony LaFemina

47... Statistics on Vocations in the United States

covers: Front: Pentecost, Juan de Flandes (1465-1519), oil on panel, 100 x 84 cm, Prado Museum, Spain; Back: Priesthood Icon by Monsignor Anthony LaFemina.

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