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Voices Online Edition
Fall 2000
Volume XV, No. 3 - Jubilee Year

Inside Voices

Christ's Peace!

The summer has been short and eventful -- as you'll see inside this Fall 2000 issue of Voices.

New work on "Feasts and Seasons"
Colleen Pfeifer
joined the staff in August, and has been busily doing research on our "Feasts and Seasons of the Church Year" project. We've added several new pages to our web site in the Prayers and Devotions section, and we plan to continue to add new pages as they are ready. This project continues our effort to bring helpful information on the Church's feasts and holy days especially for use in the family -- the "Domestic Church". (Colleen was a special-ed teacher for several years.)

If you or your family are not already using the Family Sourcebooks, be sure to get your copies in time for Advent.

WFF co-sponsors conference on End-of-Life Issues
Just after our last issue of Voices went to press, we joined with other pro-life groups in co-sponsoring an important conference on "end-of-life" issues. A report on this September 9 conference, attended by more than 200 people, is on page 3.

Many new web visitors!
We are pleased to report more than 17,000 "hits" on our web site during the month of August alone. (A "hit" is recorded whenever someone visits the site.) The use of our web site continues to increase steadily. Our "About Medicine and Morality" online magazine is reaching many who are new to WFF, and we are encouraged by the response.

Vocations special
Inside you will find a special picture section on vocations. We so often hear about problems in religious life -- and women's orders and religious communities seem especially afflicted. Our readers will be encouraged, we think, to see this evidence of real "feminine genius" at work. (If you have stories or pictures that should be in a future edition of this "Vocation special", please send them to us!)

Don't miss Dominus Iesus
On August 6, the Holy See released an important new teaching document, Dominus Iesus, which had been approved by Pope John Paul II in June and is signed by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The document counters growing problems of syncretism, the opinion that all religions are essentially the same, and none is any more true than another.

Drawn heavily from the documents of the Second Vatican Council and enyclicals of the pope, notably Redemptoris Missio, the statement is a welcome re-affirmation of the constant teaching that the whole truth about Christ is embodied in the Catholic Church.

Inside this issue of Voices are excerpts from Dominus Iesus, which we hope will be an enticement to read the entire document. \

A request
Well, okay -- a plea. We really dislike begging for money, but we must. We truly need the support of all our readers in order to continue -- and to expand -- our service to faithful Catholic women and families, and to the Church.

We do not charge subscription fees for Voices. This publication is a service we provide to signers of the Affirmation for Catholic Women. But our printing and mailing costs keep increasing and, frankly, are a burden.

If you have overlooked making a donation to Women for Faith & Family this year, please make one.

(An envelope is enclosed for your convenience. WFF is a registered non-profit organization, so donations are tax-deductible.) Or visit the Join page on our web site.

We do not want to lose a single one of our readers -- but we can no longer justify sending Voices to those who do not support the work of our organization.

If you cannot make a donation right now, but want to keep receiving Voices, please do drop us a line to tell us that you do not want your name to be removed from our mailing list.

The staff of Women for Faith & Family is very grateful for your generosity in the past -- and we have come to count on your prayers.

Please pray that all our work will truly benefit Catholic women and families -- and will faithfully serve Christ Jesus and His holy Church.


Sincerely in Our Lord,

Helen Hull Hitchcock

for the WFF Staff

**Women for Faith & Family operates solely on your generous donations!

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