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Voices Contributing Editor

Joanna Bogle

Joanna Bogle, contributing editor for Voices, is a noted British Catholic journalist who also frequently appears on radio and television and lectures often in England and abroad. She is a founding member of the Association for Catholic Women in England.

She is the author of The Pope Benedict Code (2005. London, Gracewing); and her description of celebrations of Advent and Lent, Feasts and Seasons, can be seen on the web site of EWTN: where she broadcasts regularly.

"Her latest book is a biography of Blessed John Paul II for children, published by St Paul's Publishing, London."

Her 'blog, "Auntie Joanna Writes..." is accessible at

Voices articles online

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“Campaign Service” Sends Mixed Messages -- by Joanna Bogle , Michaelmas 2006

Feminist Mythology vs. Catholic Reality - by Joanna Bogle Eastertide 2005

Bishops and CARITAS - by Joanna Bogle Michaelmas 2004

Cut the Clichés, See the Real Picture - "Ditch the slogans about race and sex, concentrate on Catholic truth, and join the great task of evangelization for this 21st century -- that is the way forward already adopted by the JPII-generation of younger Catholics." - by Joanna Bogle Pentecost Season 2004 -Vol. XIX: No. 2

Invented "Rituals" No Substitute for Prayer - ... tired rituals from 1970s feminists would not matter, except that they are being used as a substitute for real prayer ...
by Joanna Bogle Eastertide 2004 Vol XIX, No. 1

Our Forgotten Heroines - It is fashionable today to talk about the role of women in the Church. The American Bishops' Conference has just commissioned yet another document on the subject, following "Strengthening the Bonds of Peace" (1994) "Called and Gifted for the Third Millennium" (1995) and "From Words to Deeds" (1998). Almost certainly the new document, like those that have gone before, will be subjected to enormous pressure from the feminist lobby, which will result in much convoluted language, and the steering of a muddled course through a great deal of jargon which manages to say -- while not actively attacking the Church or challenging her teachings -- remarkably little that really honors or upholds them.

by Joanna Bogle - Christmastide 2003 - Epiphany 2004 - Vol . XVIII, No. 4

"Being Church" -- More is Missing Than the Defininte Article Lent/Easter 2002 Vol. XVIII, No. 1

Where are the Men? Advent/Christmas 2002 Vol. XVII, No. 4

Reviving Catholic Customs - Are Young Catholics Cultural Orphans? Michaelmas 2002 Vol. XVII, No. 3

Facilitating - or What? Pentecost 2002 Vol. XVII, No. 2

Tolerance, anyone? Michaelmas 2001 Vol. XVI, No. 3


Booklet - by Joanna Bogle
Does the Catholic Church Oppress Women?
Pocket-size paperback -- 56 pages
To order go to the Catholic Truth Society of London.
Order Ref. Ex03
 ISBN 1860820697
 Cost £1.95

What does the Catholic Church actually teach about women and their role in the Church and Society? How does the Church behave towards women? This booklet takes up all the issues one by one: teaching on sexuality, women's freedom, abortion, the right to chose, contraception, women and marriage, women priests, women's power in the Church. It looks at whether women are discriminated against and at their treatment by the Church historically. All is answered in a clear and balanced explanation, against a backdrop of history and of debunking myth, prejudice and poor argument. This is certainly a booklet to be read by both men and women.

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