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Voices Online Edition
Summer 2000

Volume XV, No. 2 - Jubilee Year


From Argentina
I have come across you in the many things you have done for the Mystical Body. Thanks for sending me Voices. How bolstering for our Faith! Attached is a small contribution. We are a poor mission in this foreign land. Hence ... I'll continue to have you all in my Holy Mass. Happy Easter!

Rev. Pedro Richards, CP
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Strictly a Traditionalist
A subject of primary concern among the Traditional Roman Catholics is the restoration of the Tridentine Latin Mass and the Traditional Catholic Faith. This will not be accomplished by just wishing for it; we need strong weapons to overcome the power of the devil and his agents.

Heaven has sent us just the tools we need in the Holy Rosary and the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. By devoutly praying the Rosary and faithfully wearing the Scapular and living up to its promises, we will gain the graces needed to bring about the Triumph of God and His Church.

Thank you for all the copies of Voices you've mailed to me. I appreciate it but don't send me any more. No hard feelings I pray, but I'm strictly a Traditionalist. You're all in my daily prayers.

Maryanne Fransen
Sacramento, CA

New Chairman in Australia...
For some time you have been kind enough to mail me a complimentary copy of Voices, in my capacity as National Chairman of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy.

Having now completed a five-year term of office, I write to ask you to adjust the mailing address to the new National Chairman, Rev. John Walshe, PP.

Members of the ACCC have followed with interest and appreciation the work of Women for Faith and Family and credit it with a significant role in making heard the voices of the real women of the Church above the cacophony of those pressing secular feminist ideologies and their bitter effects upon us.

I shall be keeping in touch through checking your web site at regular intervals.

Rev. Geoffrey H. Jarrett
New Town, Tasmania, Australia

Bravo from Tanzania
Greetings from Tanzania! Hoping that by God's grace you are all doing well. I'm fine.

A couple of days ago I received your periodical Voices with some brochures concerning Women for Faith and Family.

I'm very impressed by your noble ideas of Women for Faith and Family; bravo Helen, Sherry, Dorothy and Susan. Keep it up!

Be sure of my support. I've started advocating your position here in Tanzania and in a few months to come after my ordination (to the priesthood) I hope to get some new members in Kenya, where I have been designated as a missionary. Let us continue to be in touch.

I understand that there are good past Voices articles that you might have. I'll be happy to read them if possible.

Lastly but not least I wish you all the best, and may the Good Lord bless you all especial at this period of Lent. Have a nice Easter, and please pray for me as I prepare myself for my priestly ordination.

Deacon Evarist T. Mngulu
Makambako, Tanzania

We Do Have a Model
As I am 21 and a college student, I know only too well the scourge of feminism that is so prevalent among our youth. Why don't more women want to be like the Blessed Mother -- whom God made the highest among his creatures! Any woman who says the Church is anti-woman clearly needs to get their facts straight! As a Catholic writer once put it, "Who do we hear more about, St. Teresa of Avila or her priest?"

You are in my prayers. Please pray that I may discern God's will in my life!

Emily Gaskins
Wilmington, NC

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your magazine, Voices, and how grateful I am to you and all the women involved. It is so encouraging to receive the Church's view and teaching on so many truths that are being assaulted on all sides.

In the Winter 2000 edition, I was especially moved by the article entitled "The Challenge of Life at Georgetown" by Elizabeth Fiore. It was so edifying to hear about the struggle of this Catholic young lady and how she was able to remain faithful to her beliefs among so many temptations. Our Catholic colleges have abandoned our young people in so many ways, but I do believe the Holy Spirit is alive and well and working in the hearts of so many of our young Catholic people.

Barbara Delaney
Andover, MA

Catholic or trendy?
As a graduate of Georgetown University I read with sadness, but not surprise, the excellent article by recent graduate Elizabeth Fiore on current conditions at this once great university. The school cannot aspire to be Catholic and a trendy secular institution at the same time. It just doesn't work.

Arthur J. Brew, '43
Mountain View, CA

The Vatican document, Ex Corde Ecclesiae (from the heart of the Church), is intended to bring "truth in advertising" to Catholic colleges and universities. In early June, the Vatican approved the "implementation" document submitted by the US bishops -- their plan to put Ex Corde Ecclesiae into effect. It is too early to tell how well this will work -- and no one thinks it will be easy. But it is a start. (See one Catholic university president's thoughts on the matter in this issue.)

From "our boys in blue"
Enclosed you will find a small statement of our gratitude for your tireless efforts to help others. We are proud to partner with an association that has continually and successfully proved itself a charitable organization. May this small donation continue these efforts.

Jared Osselaer
Religious Offerings Fund Custodian, US Navy

Fit and trimVoices
I'm celebrating this Annunciation Day by re-reading your Voices Vol XV: 1 (Winter 2000) edition. What a great piece of work! While other Catholic journals are going flabby (or impossibly intellectual), yours is right on the mark. I enjoy all the articles -- thought Donna Steichen's was outstanding!

I'll be passing my copy along to others. It is my hope that more and more Catholic women will come to know your work.

Charlotte Ellis
Santa Rosa, CA

Withholding food and water
On the subject of euthanasia, discussed in the latest issue of Voices (Winter 2000) page 6, our pastoral assistant said we did not have to tube feed our elderly father because it was extraordinary. I knew this was wrong; refusing a feeding tube means he would starve to death. I thought maybe I was wrong since so many Catholics disagreed with me. Your issue of Voices came at that perfect moment -- like an answer to a prayer. I am making copies of the article for them.

What happened was that our elderly father, who has dementia, was put in the hospital for not swallowing his food. The doctor wanted us to decide whether or not to put in the feeding tube before the tests for swallowing were completed or for that matter before they determined he might also be sick.

I was incensed, and I told the doctor we were pro-life Catholics and that we did not believe in starving our relatives. It turned out that he had an infection and was responding to antibiotics, once he was feeling better, he began eating and swallowing!

Wanda Busschaert
via email

The matter of giving ordinary care, including food and water, to a person who cannot feed himself or swallow is one of the most vexed issues of health care today -- and one which nearly every family will encounter, sooner or later.

We hope you will find Father Peter Ryan's essay in this edition of Voices helpful, as well.

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