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Voices Online Edition
Vol. XVIII: No. 2 - Pentecost 2003

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are not published online. Below is a sampling of letters received. For information on receiving Voices, please see the Join Page.

About Letters ... We are very glad to get your letters, and we read each one. We print as many as we can, and give preference to those of widest interest. We encourage questions on issues concerning Catholic women and welcome all comments you have about Voices and Women for Faith and Family. All published letters may be edited. Please include your name and address (which may be withheld on request). If your letter is not intended for publication, please tell us. Letters may also be e-mailed: Editor

Sample Letters to the Editor and Editor's response:
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Spreading the Word!

Thank you a thousand times over for your prompt service, especially for sending copies of Voices.

I have been overwhelmed by all the effort and time you have put into the publications.

God is with you in your endeavors. With prayer you will be surprised at your accomplishments.

One copy I have channeled to the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, their Headquarters in the US, another to the campus minister of the Archdiocese of Boston and one for myself. I will be able in more than one way to help support your Christlike activity in my communications with religious and laity throughout the states.
God bless you now and always all the way.

Sister Mary Theresine, OSF
Hyde Park, Massachusetts

We thank you for your help in spreading the word about Voices and Women for Faith & Family. If others would like extra copies to distribute, or packets containing a sample of all of Women for Faith & Family's and
Adoremus's publications (including prayer cards and novenas), e-mail us or phone us at 314-863-8385.

Ethics Students Use Bioethics Watch Column

I have just read your current issue, and it is even more wonderful that usual!

The article "
Faith of the Eldest Daughter" by Mary Jo Anderson is very timely in what is perhaps an unexpected way -- when feelings about France are so confounded these days, her very gracious article renews interest, sympathy, and affirmation for the people of this country.

In particular I am writing about
Nancy Valko's excellent column, Bioethics Watch. I am particularly eager to have this article available through your website. Every semester I require students in my Introduction to Ethics course to deal with two problems as we complete work on each philosopher. I select one, they the other. I always assign euthanasia; they select randomly. I would very much like to send them the link to Bioethics Watch. Not only for the article, but also because it would introduce them to your web site, which can do nothing but benefit them in myriad ways.

Providing links to other sites as Valko does in her notes serves as an excellent resource for readers.

As always, thank you for the work you do. I pray God will bless you and your work.

Shannon McIntyre Skousgaard, Ph.D.
Philosophy and Religious Studies
George Mason University

We are delighted that you have found the WFF web site useful (and thank you for your prayers). For those readers that would like to stay on top of Bioethics Watch, and other Medicine and Morality topics, please visit:

Why Do We Need a "simplified" Catechism?

I recently read that there will be a simplified version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church coming out. Why?

My sixth grade Parish School of Religion class each has a copy of the Catechism and they love it. One student commented that she can't put it down. Some said it was sometimes hard to read and understand, like the Bible.

Can you comment on this new project?

Name Withheld
via e-mail

It is encouraging to learn that the Catechism -- Pope John Paul II's great gift to the Church -- is being successfully used in a classroom!

Considering the many defective catechetical texts now in use, there is reason to be concerned that a "simplified" Catechism might result in a "dumbed-down" version. As your sixth-grade class demonstrates, children really are attracted to truth -- and are not averse to using their minds.

V-Monologues Update

As President of the University of Portland, I am alarmed and angry that you are listing us as showing the Vagina Monologues. It misrepresents the facts, and maligns the name of this Catholic University.

(Rev.) David T. Tyson, CSC
University of Portland
Portland, Oregon

We are very glad to learn that the University of Portland is not showing the play Vagina Monologues. Thank you for informing us. We are relieved and pleased, since the play misrepresents and maligns women, and undermines Catholic moral teaching.

We were also edified to learn (from the Cardinal Newman Society web site) that you had read the script yourself, and announced to students that, "In conscience, I cannot approve of its performance on campus. The play is offensive, questionable in its portrayal of violence, and not in keeping with the respect accorded the human body in this institution's religious tradition". We strongly agree with these comments, and applaud your forthright handling of this matter at the University of Portland. We regret the distress the outdated information on our web site has caused you.

We now provide a link directly to the Cardinal Newman Society [] so that the list of Catholic colleges and universities where this play is performed will reflect current information and updates.

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